100/100 Trial and Error Symposium
→ Learning from each others failures

Creative + Education

Visual Identity + Communication

The 100/100 symposium discussed and generated workshops on the role of “quick and dirty” designs, unconventional approaches, without overthinking and with space to create something unexpected, in terms of all aspects we can use as creatives, such as concepts, slogans, type design, illustration, layouts and/or production.

Like an athlete that needs to incorporate new training techniques or new stimuli to achieve better results, the designer also needs to practice and needs new stimuli to evolve the ability to design. By stimuli we mean the equivalent of what a workshop framework enables its participants to do: experimentation through restriction.

The aim was to enable the participants to experience different approaches and frameworks for experimentation through workshops, but also provide insights by professionals on how habits and techniques spark (unexpected) creative growth.

The symposium successfully held 6 workshops with 72 participants in total. More than 200 applications were received and a diverse mix of participants were selected.


On the third day the workshop leaders Erich Brechbühl, Wael Morcos, Mobius Design studio, Nora Aly and Ahmad Hammoud gave keynotes about their design process highlighting the symposium's theme of trial and error in their daily design practice and how it affected their growth as a Designer. 


As a takeaway a publication/slipcase was produced including 72 cards showing each participant’s individual workshop outcome and 6 overview cards briefly explaining each workshop on DIN A5 printed with a Risograph printer using two colors only.

150 slipcases with 10.800 Risoprints were designed and produced within 2 days.

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