→ A digital saving wallet for telecom users with low income.

Technology, finance


Consulting on UX-Research/-Design and -Testing

Over 500.000 Users
12.000.000 app visits per month
850.000 $ funding received with new UX Design

Raseedi (“Credit” in Arabic) is a savings and reward network mainly for unbanked users in Egypt. Its core service is to provide the user with the best prepaid Telecom bundle based on their behavior. Furthermore, it incorporates a digital wallet that allows the user to get micro-loans, pay bills online, send credit to others and make phone calls.

It provides people with the maximum savings on necessities so they can spend it on the things that enhance the quality of living. Unlike other countries, 90% of mobile users in Egypt use prepaid bundles mainly based on their low income. The 4 Telecom providers in Egypt offer in total more than 250 bundles – Raseedi’s mission is to shed light into this oversupply.


Our main task was to help Rassedi understanding their own service-narrative and -purpose. Within a couple of workshops, we extracted different persona and user journeys to understand Rassedi’s current offer and experience. This helped to formulate a clearer hierarchy in their offer, to get rid of unnecessary functions and to set priority on when to launch which new feature.


In the second phase of the project we helped Raseedi systematizing their UI and UX accordingly. The result is a design system based usable and scalable mobile application.

We were able to de-clutter the micro-experiences by 35%, hence 35% less investment in programming and maintaining the application. The navigational Design pattern are based on Android Design principles.


The English version got then transformed into Arabic, tested again and finally implemented.


Today Raseedi is helping unbanked citizens to stay connected, to manage their expenses and to have access to loans, if needed.

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