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Si-Ware is an independent fabless semiconductor company that fosters silicon innovation, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt.

Si-Ware’s end to end NeoSpectra solution, which combines portable FT NIR (Fourier-Transform Near Infrared) Analyzers with intuitive software and a powerful cloud to quickly analyze samples with speed and precision across almost all industries, has evolved over two decades of innovation.

NeoSpectra's Scans Portal is a logistical management tool for their clients – mainly from the feed mill industry. It is used to overview all internal operations connected to their FT NIR solutions, managing user accounts, materials, shipments, and crucial scan data.

After a first UX–analysis showed that the Admin System presented information in a overwhelming way, making it difficult to understand product, system and user performances. Additionally, the dashboard layout and interaction flows were unintuitive, leading to wasted time and frustration. The Portal also suffered from inconsistent visual design, which made it challenging for users to quickly identify and retrieve specific scans.

We were then comissioned to completely re-think the experience of the Scan Portal.


To address these challenges, we embarked on a comprehensive user research process. This involved conducting interviews and workshops with key user groups within NeoSpectra and their client base. The result was a comprehensive overview of the different user roles, their goals and daily workflow, and how the different users interact and overlap in the system.

We interviewed Admin System users, such as Inventory Managers, to understand their workflow and the pain points they faced when managing user accounts, materials, and shipments. Similarly, we interviewed Scans Portal users, like Quality Control Specialists, to gain insights into their challenges in accessing, analyzing, and managing scan data. Based on the valuable insights gleaned from these interviews, we created user personas representing the key user groups and their user journeys. These personas served as a guiding force throughout the design process, ensuring that the redesigned portals addressed the specific needs and workflows of each user type.


Admin System
To improve information clarity and enable users to make data-driven decisions faster, clear and intuitive information visualization techniques, including charts, graphs, and color-coded status indicators, were implemented. These enhanced data visualization techniques presented complex data sets in a clear and understandable way.

The streamlined dashboards and optimized interaction flows further reduced cognitive load. These enhancements led to faster comprehension of system performance and improved decision-making, ultimately saving valuable time and resources.


Scans Portal
The redesigned Scans Portal implemented a clean and consistent visual design with clear color coding and scan previews. This enhanced information hierarchy allowed users to quickly identify and access the scan data they needed. Furthermore, frequently used functions like search, filtering, and common scan actions were reorganized to facilitate faster scan identification and retrieval, ultimately improving navigation and workflow efficiency for users.

The result is an overall consistent and efficient user experience lowering significantly the Neospectra’s customer support and enabling Neospectra to become a dominant player in the global feed mill industry, while having the potential to tab into additional industries.  

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