Neospectra Design System
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UI/UX Design System
Responsive Design

Si-Ware is an independent fabless semiconductor company that fosters silicon innovation, headquartered in Menlo Park, California, with research and development centers in Paris, France and Cairo, Egypt.

Si-Ware’s end to end NeoSpectra solution, which combines portable FT NIR (Fourier-Transform Near Infrared) Analyzers with intuitive software and a powerful cloud to quickly analyze samples with speed and precision across almost all industries, has evolved over two decades of innovation.

Brdge was asked to help the fast growing company building an in-house design unit. Having consulted and designed multiple Software applications for NeoSpectra, the goal was to enable the design team to build and adjust any software cohesivly.

The developed Design System is streamlining and summarizing all developed UI/UX components and explains the single atoms that future components should build on. 


The documented design principles covers layout principles, color rules, elevation behaviour and the typographical system for display text, titels, body text and labels. A core requirement was multil-language typographical system that can be easily adapted on future country and language requirements.


These elements not only guaranteed visual coherence but also accelerated design and development. The pre-built components are responsive and function on all common screen sizes allowing the Design team to create new features more efficiently.


Documenting the design system was followed by handover and training workshops for the design team.

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