GSE Software UX/UI update 
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UX-Research/-Design and -Testing
User Interface Design guidelines

8 Software products branded
Over 30 Blood Donation Institutes served
Over 3.700.000 donations per year tested using Grawunder Software solutions

Areej Remah
Jochen Braun

Grawunder Software Engineering is developing Software for the in-vitro-diagnostics industry. Their clients are nearly all blood donation institutes in Germany and Switzerland with plans to expand to Austria and the UK.

The task was to develop a UX-UI Design System to be used on tablet  as most institutes are shifting their laboratories equipment from desktop computers to tablets. Here fore we developed a UX concept based on one of their products as a case study to see how future products could be executed.

For the initial testing we used the previously designed UI-guidlines with minor updates.

The challenge of transforming the UX touch based and on tablet viewports was executed through several design sprints and constant user testing based on previously chosen experiences that covered all core user interactions.


The project included an update of the the existing UI Design-system to enhance readibility on tablet screens.

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