Esaal UX
→ Life advice for everyone.

Health, Legal, Career development, Life-style

UX Research/Design/Testing
Responsive Web-app-Design
Arabic, English User Interface
Design system


Over 850.000 Users regional wide
36 fields covered
Over 350 experts
25 mobile operators covered regional wide
Health 2.0 - Best companies award

Areej Remah
Jochen Braun

Esaal (“ask” in Arabic) is an online platform connecting experts from a huge variety of fields with users to have video calls, phone calls and chats for consulting on life questions and problems.

After repositioning the brand the main task was to completely rethink their User Experience for their more than 850.000 users within the region.

Within intense 6 month of work involving several workshops, design sprints, rapid user and A/B testing a complete responsive web-application was conceptualised and developed in Arabic and English.

After the updated User Experience was released Esaal secured over 1.7 million USD in seed-funding, was named the "best company" at the Health 2.0 conference in Dubai, UAE and its user base has grown by 55% (2021-2022). 


All experiences we first designed, tested and developed for mobile usage only. This approach enabled us to prioritize functions, flows and information easier.

Once the base was established and tested the english version got transformed into Arabic taking language specific adjustments combined with further testing into consideration.


Straight from the beginning our brand design system was extended by the User Interface Design principles, keeping scalability and responsiveness of the application in mind as well as portability into a native mobile application.

The system is covering the design bases from grid, UI-colors, pictograms and type scale to all components at its variations used.


In total 5 breakpoints were initially designed and tested to ensure the usability of the design system and its specific components.

grid02 grid01

The result is a fully documented and designed responsive User Experience while keeping the brand essence in mind.

Brand-lingo and illustrations used enable the application to humorously soften negative search results or other alerts to achieve a positive brand perception.

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